Snow in Oregon this morning


Snow falls at low altitudes in Portland, Oregon, USA on the morning of November 7.


Viewers from Estacada, Sandy, West Hills and other areas shared photos and videos of the snow.


The National Weather Service in Portland has issued a "Short Term Forecast" for the Willamette Valley.


"Right now...Elevations below 1,000 feet may see some brief snowfall or a mix of rain and snow over the next few hours. At this time, we

don't expect any significant buildup on hard surfaces. , but shaded or grassy areas may see a small amount of snow. The reason is that

the intensity of the precipitation can sometimes bring the snow level closer to 500 - 1000 feet or less. This is called the wet bulb effect,

and as the precipitation stops, the snow level will rise to over 1,000 feet. However, people should be aware of potential slippery conditions

and take appropriate precautions.”



As you can see from the photos, the roofs, cars and grass are covered in snow. After snowfall, dealing with snow has become the first

problem people face.


Some people choose to use a snow shovel to clear snow from their yard



Some people choose to use a snow brush to clear the snow from the car body



Some people choose to use a roof scraper to clear the snow from the roof