Size: 118-138 cm
Aluminum Tube Size: 43 cm
Extension rod size: 42 cm
Type of Shovel: High grade waterproof leather chenille brush head

① Chenille brush head, with thickened sponge inside, is soft and does not hurt the car, with good water absorption, rich foaming and fast cleaning
② 180 ° rotary brush head, which can be adjusted and twisted according to the use situation, and fit the body
③ Telescopic and extension rod design. The maximum length can be up to 138cm. Do not bend down to clean the tire, and do not stand on your feet to clean the roof
④ The cloth cover can be disassembled for easier cleaning
⑤ High density EVA handle, comfortable grip, no ice
⑥ Snap fastener disassembly design, convenient and fast disassembly and installation, saving space and transportation cost
⑦ The front and back of the triangle plate can be used for six times
⑧ It can be used all season. It can be used to remove ice and snow in winter and to clean cars in summer

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