1. High-density Chenille brush head, thick bristles, thickened sponge added inside, soft without hurting the car, good water absorption, rich foaming, fast cleaning
2. 180 ° rotating brush head, which can be adjusted and twisted freely according to the use condition, and fits the body
3. The telescopic rod is designed with three-section telescopic and one-way sleeve extension rod. The maximum length can reach 140cm, without bending down to clean the tires and tiptoe to clean the roof
4. It can be used for both dry and wet, dust removal and dust cleaning in dry, and washing the car in wet, which is convenient and easy
5. Removable design, the brush head and shovel head can be disassembled, which can be disassembled into four sections for convenient cleaning and storage
6. Thicken the iron pipe to enhance the use strength of the product
7. The iron pipe has a built-in silencer, which can reduce noise generation during expansion
8. T-shaped wiper, which can be used for wiping windows, windshield, bonnet, etc
Size: 120-140 cm
Elliptical tube Size: 43 cm
Extension tube Size: 42 cm
Type of Shovel: High-grade Chenille short plush brush head

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