1. A total of three replacement bristles can easily remove the dead corner stains of the whole vehicle
2100% boiled bristle hair: can clean the dust of grille, window, rubber strip, engine and other parts PBT badger hair makeup silk: clean the surface dust of air conditioner outlet, instrument panel center console and other parts PET solid sharpened silk: clean the dust of leather seats, door handle gap storage bin and other parts
3. PP+TPR material handle, corrosion resistant, acid and alkali resistant, comfortable and durable
4. Equipped with elbow, it is convenient to clean the places where the slit is not easy to touch, and there is no dead corner
5. It is specially used to clean the dirt on the dead corner of the car gap, and can be used to clean the car engine, air outlet, car seat, wheel hub, etc
6. Exquisite color box packaging for convenient storage
7. It can be used for both dry and wet, dust removal and water washing, which can meet the requirements of dual cleaning inside and outside the vehicle
8. Hanging hole design at the end of handle can be hung for drying after cleaning
Installation length: 14.5*2.5*32 cm
Bend length: 90-110 cm
Product configuration: Bristle bristle brush x1, badger-like bristle brush x1
  Bristle brush head x1, solid sharpened wire brush head x1, elbow adapter X2

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