Size: 161 cm
Aluminum Tube Size: 41 cm
Type of Shovel: Chenille drawstring brush head

① Home and car dual-purpose, can be used for home window cleaning, can also be used for car cleaning
② Thick chenille brush, soft and comfortable, clean and do not damage the paint
③ Drawcord detachable cloth cover, easy to clean, and can also be purchased to replace the cloth cover
④ 180 ° rotary brush head, which can be adjusted according to specific use scenarios
⑤ Screw type disassembly aluminum pipe, convenient and quick disassembly and installation
⑥ The product can be disassembled into 5 parts. The length of the rod after disassembly is 41cm, which is convenient for storage and does not occupy space and reduces the transportation cost
⑦ Thumb print EVA design, soft and comfortable, long-term use without deformation, the middle concave and convex fingerprint design is not easy to slip when used
⑧ Tail hanging hole design, when idle, you can choose to hang the whole product on the wall, or you can choose to remove the product and put it into the color box for storage
⑨ The length of the product after connection can reach 161cm, and it is easy to clean the roof and other heights

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