T-shape size: 128*148 cm
Snow Brush Size: 131-151 cm
Aluminum Tube Size: 43 cm
Type of Shovel: Double sided triangular plate shovel head

① Double color high and low bristle design, hard bristles inside and soft bristles outside, increase the resilience of bristles, and effectively clean hard snow
② The anti-collision strip design of the outer ring of the brush head will not scratch the car paint when the snow is cleared
③ Aluminum tube snap buckle three-stage expansion and contraction, free adjustment according to different parts of the body
④ Built in silencing sheet can reduce noise during expansion and contraction
⑤ Oval aviation aluminum tube ensures the use strength of snow brush
⑥ Disassembly design of brush head and shovel head to reduce storage and transportation space
⑦ 270 ° rotating brush head, freely adjustable angle, convenient for snow removal
⑧ The bristles are thick and can be cleaned immediately
⑨ Soft silicone wiper strip, closely fitting the car surface, easy to wipe
⑩ Detachable shovel head, easy to use under stress

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