Aiduo's 133rd Canton Fair ended successfully


On April 15, the 133rd China Import and Export Fair (Canton Fair) fully resumed its offline exhibition. The
total area of this exhibition is 1.5 million square meters.
There are about 35,000 exhibitors, and more than 9,000 new exhibitors... This is the largest Canton Fair in
history, which has achieved scale expansion, theme optimization,
4 new breakthroughs in online and offline integration and quality improvement. On the first day of the
exhibition, more than 350,000 people entered the venue throughout the day, with dazzling exhibits and
continuous hot bustle.
The popularity shows the vitality and resilience of China's foreign trade.
There are many foreign merchants on site, and they have been shopping around the exhibition with their
boxes for several days in a row. We randomly interviewed some foreign merchants on the spot and learned
about their
The suitcases are all the same, and they contain almost the same things. I borrowed a buyer from Brazil
Let me show you what's in the box.
The inside of the box is basically the brochures of the company. There are so many, and it weighs more than
ten catties. No wonder the box is used to carry it around. The buyer told me,
The purpose of his trip to the Canton Fair is to purchase a batch of car cleaning products, and he plans to
return to Brazil to set up a factory.
So you see, this box is full of various product brochures he has collected during his visits to exhibitions in the
past few days.
The suitcase in the hands of the merchants seems to have become a key, connecting the world. Canton Fair,
Mutual Benefits, Chinese Products Through Canton Fair
will go out, and countries will also come in through the Canton Fair.
Come back with new products
Aiduo Group brought new products and new technologies to "blossom everywhere" in the major exhibition areas.
Exhibitors negotiated cooperation with global customers, seized orders, and expanded markets, and gained a lot.
As the "old face" of the Canton Fair, "Aiduo" constantly meets new customers, develops new channels and markets
by virtue of its excellent product quality and innovative advantages, and passed the Canton Fair
Present the advantages of the product directly in front of global merchants, so that more customers can see the
Seiko of Iron General
Quality and real sincerity!
Talk about cooperation, grab orders, and gain a lot
At the scene, buyers from the United States, the United Kingdom, Japan, the Netherlands, Dubai, the United Arab
Emirates, Ghana, New Zealand and many other countries are seriously looking for themselves at home
Interested product
At this exhibition, Aidoling returned with new products, such as detachable car wash brushes, detachable snow
brushes, electric deicers, electric cleaning brushes and other series of new products.
It has attracted the attention of many buyers and won unanimous appreciation and high recognition
With professional knowledge, the salesmen wholeheartedly explain new products and new functions to every
on-site customer, and answer consulting questions seriously and patiently.
Growing up in adversity and being brave in pioneering and innovating
It is true that due to unfavorable factors such as the sluggish global economic growth, many foreign trade
companies report that it is difficult to do business. But we are still growing up in adversity, realizing external
The scale of trade has reached a new high, and some new advantages have been cultivated through optimizing
the structure. Strengthen product quality and product style, hoping to give customers a better experience.
As Hu Rongjun, a "old Cantonese fellow" said, "The world is so big, and the market is so big, it depends on how
you break through and develop."
We look forward to more surprises brought by "Made in Aiduo" to the global market, and wish all Ningbo
exhibitors a fruitful return.