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By Love Snow Brush

"Frozen purple"! At 06:00 on November 27, the Central Meteorological Observatory continued to issue

a cold wave yellow warning. Most of China will be cooled by strong winds from west to east, and the

local temperature will exceed 20 ℃.

Cold wave yellow warning! Aido Snow Brush Reminds Most of China will encounter strong wind

from west to east, and the local temperature will exceed 20 ℃

According to the cold wave yellow warning issued by the Central Meteorological Observatory at 06:00

on November 27, Aido Snow Brush: from November 27 to 30, the cold wave weather will affect most

parts of China from west to east, causing severe cooling, strong wind, sand dust and extensive rain and

snow weather. The temperature in the north and most of the central and eastern regions of China will

drop by 10~16 ℃ successively, and the temperature drop in some regions can reach more than 18 ℃,

accompanied by 4~6 northerly winds, gusts of 7~9, and local level 10 or more; There are sand dust

weather in eastern Xinjiang, southern Xinjiang basin, western Gansu, central and western Inner Mongolia,

etc; After the cold wave cools down, the 0 ℃ line of the lowest air temperature from December 1 to 2 will

press south to the north of Jiangnan to the south of Guizhou.

It is estimated by AIDO Snow Brush that from 08:00 on November 27 to 08:00 on November 29, the gas

temperature in most parts of Xinjiang, Gansu, Ningxia, Shaanxi, Inner Mongolia and Shanxi will drop by

8~12 ℃, while that in eastern Xinjiang, Hexi in Gansu, western Ningxia and central and western Inner

Mongolia will drop by 14~18 ℃, and the local temperature can reach above 20 ℃; There will be 5-7

northerly winds and 8-10 gusts in the above areas, and the wind at the mountain pass in Xinjiang can

reach 12-13.

AIDO Snow Brush Defense Guide:

1. The government and relevant departments shall do a good job in cold wave prevention according to

their responsibilities;

2. Pay attention to adding clothes to keep warm and take good care of the old, weak and sick;

3. Cold prevention measures shall be taken for livestock, poultry, tropical and subtropical fruits, relevant

aquatic products and crops;

4. Do a good job of wind protection.

Sand and dust weather in northwest China, heavy fog weather in southeast Henan and other

places by AIDO Snow Brush

The warm tip of AIDO Snow Brush is that in the coming week, due to the influence of cold air, the

atmospheric diffusion conditions in most parts of the country will be good, and there will be no large-scale

continuous haze weather. From the 27th to the 29th, some areas in eastern Xinjiang and southern Xinjiang

basins, central and western Inner Mongolia, Qinghai Qaidam basin, western Gansu, northern Hebei and

other places had sand or dust storms. In addition, from the morning of the 27th to the morning, there were

heavy fogs in parts of southeast Henan, central Hubei, southeast Shanxi and other places, and there were dense fogs with visibility less than 500 meters locally.