2023 team building activities - outing and enjoying life



It's April in the world, the sky is just right, the flowers are just right, the clouds are light and the wind is breezy, the years are
peaceful, there is no early and no late, everything is just right. April 8, 2023 at
At the beginning of April, Aiduo Group has carried out colorful and enthusiastic team building activities, let's go and have a
look with us!
1. Amitabha Temple worships Buddha
Amitabha Temple was first built in the thirteenth year of Xiantong in Tang Dynasty (872 A.D.), and it was named Folongshan
Xianqin Temple, 1137 years ago. In the first year of Song Zhiping (1064), he was named Baoan, and in the sixth year of
(1200) Gongde Temple in the royal palace of Chongqi. It was named Folong Temple in the early Ming Dynasty, and it was
merged into Tiantong Temple in Yongle period. It was renamed Panshanzhuang, postscript. During the Shunzhi period of the
Qing Dynasty, a woodcutter hermit was built on the west side of the temple base
Nunnery, later called Amitabha Abode, and then Amitabha Temple, next to the temple is the tomb tower of Jiang Mohe
(formerly known as Zongba, the distant ancestor of Chiang Kai-shek) of the Five Dynasties.
2. Tea picking
Accompanied by the fragrance of spring tea, everyone shuttled between the tea ridges, picked fresh and tender tea leaves,
and felt the unique charm of the hometown of tea "zero distance"!
3. Enjoy food
Vegetarian tasting. Whether it is from early religious beliefs or today's emphasis on environmental protection, health, and
fashion, vegetarianism has always accompanied people's lives.
A group of people, a road, go forward bravely No matter how high the mountain is, if you climb up, you can always reach the top
No matter how long the road is, go on and you will reach it
Meet with Xin, fight side by side, gather together, live up to the good
2023, we are on the road