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Communication is the transfer and feedback of thoughts and feelings between people and between people and groups, so as to reach a consensus of thoughts and smooth feelings.

This process includes not only spoken and written language, but also body language, personal habits and ways, physical environment -- anything that gives meaning to information.

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Communication, is listening and expression, is the exchange of ideas. It's good to take some time each week to sit down and talk, whether it's about work or life, at least to connect. The exchange and collision of ideas can eventually find a meeting point and reach a consensus.

Communication is a two-way street. The first step is to listen, listen to what the other person is saying, understand what the other person is saying, and feel what the other person is saying. In fact, we should learn to express ourselves. Expression is an art. Similarly, some people say witty things while others say dry things, but we have also suffered from the failure of expression. Some people are born with a high eq. We can also develop a high eq, sit a master of expression.

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When you talk to someone for five minutes, they tend to get more and more confused, thinking "What are you trying to say?" This is a problem that many people have in communication.

When expressing, we always want to "tell a story", starting from the details, there is a cause, after, climax, ending. Sorry, communication is not to write a novel, especially when talking with leaders, the most taboo is to turn and close, not to let the leaders listen with fright.

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Empathy, simply put, is what we would think and do if we were each other, what the needs are. Stand on the other side of the Angle to think, sometimes will let go. A lot of problems will be solved. Communication, of course, has a purpose, and our purpose is to achieve it through communication. When we really stand in each other's point of view, empathy, communication becomes easier.


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As a saying goes: all the misunderstandings in the world come from not understanding, all the misconceptions come from not trusting.

Everyone has their own ideas. If they don't understand or trust each other in communication, they will fall into a communication dilemma.

At my previous company, my colleagues in the legal department and the sales department were always at each other's throats.

The colleagues in the sales department always feel that every time they send the contract to the legal Department, the legal Department either wants to add terms or modify terms, which makes their work more difficult.

Once, two colleagues of sales department and legal department were arguing again and were bumped into by the vice president of the company. He had a general idea of the situation and, in a few words, had settled the "quarrel".

Later, I learned that on that day, the vice president said to them: "Actually, your goal is the same, all for the smooth progress of this project. It's just that now you're so caught up in your emotions, so focused on letting them out, you've forgotten your goals."


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Many people find it especially difficult to communicate with their colleagues in the workplace, but they ignore one of the most fundamental principles of communication -- making them understand their true purpose.

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